BEST OF 2022 – My Favorite Images of the Year

During 2022 I felt like things were getting back to nearly normal, but we still did not travel as much as we did pre-COVID. Hopefully we will be traveling more in 2023. In February we took a brief trip to Arizona primarily to get some sunshine. While there I was able to capture this sunset with saguaro and cholla cactus in the foreground.

AZ, Scottsdale, McDowell Sonoran Preserve, Saguaro Sunset

In April I visited Skagit Valley several times to shoot the tulip festival. I like the bands of color in this image of the tulip fields

WA, Skagit Valley, Tulip Fields

I decided to try something different shooting the tulips. This is a multiple-exposure image. I was hand holding my camera so the different exposures do not line up exactly which gives this photo an impressionistic feeling.

WA, Skagit Valley, Tulip Abstract

In May we visited Japan to celebrate my father-in-law’s 103rd birthday. After the celebration I traveled on to Kyoto and Nara to do some photography. This is Ryoanji Temple Garden, one of the most famous zen gardens in Japan. I just love this minimalist garden with the early spring trees in the background.

Japan, Kyoto, Ryoanji Temple Rock Garden

In Kyoto I also visited the Temple of the Golden Pavilion. There were some iris blooming and I was able to capture the iris with a reflection of the Golden Pavilion in the back ground. I like the abstract golden reflection which makes this image look like a byobu painting.

Japan, Kyoto, Kinkakuji Temple, Iris

The azaleas were blooming when I visited Kyoto. I found these blooms at Fushimi Inari Shrine. This image is a double exposure with the first exposure sharp and the second exposure out of focus. I think it gives the image a soft feeling.

Japan, Kyoto, Azalea

After Kyoto I visited Nara and Hasedera Temple. I like this view of the pagoda with part of the temple in the foreground.

Japan, Nara, Hasedera

In July we attended a family reunion at Lakeside, OH. On the 4th of July they had a fireworks show and I was able to capture this image using a long exposure with a tripod. In Japanese the word for fireworks literally means “fireflowers”. In this image they really do look like flowers.

Ohio, Lakeside, 4th of July Fireworks

In August we took a brief trip up to British Columbia. This is Ganges Harbor on Salt Spring Island at sunset.

Canada, British Columbia, Salt Spring Island, Ganges Harbor Sunset

After Salt Spring Island we spent several days in Victoria. One morning I got up early to shoot the Inner Harbour at dawn. I like the illuminations and reflections in this image.

Canada, British Columbia, Victoria, Inner Habor at Dawn

Happy New Year Everyone. I hope 2023 will see a return to more normal times and with some luck our paths may cross. Feel free to leave a comment. I would love to hear which images you like.

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  1. brentdhuntley says:

    Great images! I have been doing the same practice for years and started a few years back collecting a round up of links to other photographers doing the same thing. I would love to add a link to you if you are willing (no sales or spam or anything like that). Here it is if you are interested!

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