Best of 2014 – My Favorite Images of the Year

It has become a tradition for many photographers to publish their favorite photos of the year.  I embrace this tradition because it helps me review my photography for the year and also is a good way to introduce new images to my followers. I have included some background information for each image below as well as why it was chosen.  These images are published in chronological order so the order in which they are published is not any indication of my preference for any particular image. I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I enjoyed shooting them!

The first trip I took in 2014 was to Hawaii in February.  We visited Molokai and Oahu and this was my favorite shot. It was such a beautiful sight to see the sun rising between these 2 islets on Lanikai Beach on Oahu.

Lanikai Beach SunriseLainikai Beach Sunrise, Oahu, HI

In March we visited Mexico and my favorite place was Guanajuato. Whenever I am traveling I try to seek out unique architecture and make some images. This is Teatro Juarez, Guanajuato’s elegant old opera house. The opulent interior reflects the wealth which came from the nearby silver mines which at one time produced more than 70 percent of the world’s silver. Such a beautiful building!

Teatro JuarezTeatro Juarez, Guanajuato, MX

In April I flew into LA to attend a friend’s wedding and afterwards I drove up the coast to Big Sur. It was such a wonderful trip driving near the ocean. Just south of Big Sur I found these poppies blooming near the side of the road. It was such a beautiful sight with the orange poppies in the foreground and the deep blue ocean in the background. Springtime on California’s central coast was fantastic!

California Poppies on the Central CoastCalifornia Poppies near Big Sur, CA

This is another image from my trip to California in April. I was driving up to Big Sur in the early AM and it was so foggy I could hardly see anything. So I decided to drive up to Paso Robles to see what I could find there. When I was able to get above the fog I found this hillside with wild mustard in full bloom. It was such a beautiful sight with the rolling hills leading your eye to the foggy coast and a pink dawn sky. I like the subtle colors in this image.

Mustard Hill DawnMustard Hill Dawn, near Paso Robles, CA

In May I visited Slovenia for the first time. I highly recommend this destination for anyone who enjoys traveling in Europe. The second stop on my trip to Slovenia was Lake Bled
which has a small island with a medieval church in the middle of this beautiful alpine lake .It is such a picturesque spot and almost looks like a fairytale. I got up early to catch the dawn light and was lucky to have these beautiful clouds reflected in the still waters of the lake. What a wonderful way to start the day!

Lake Bled DawnLake Bled Dawn, Bled, Slovenia

In late May and early June, I toured Croatia after my trip to Slovenia. We ended our trip in Dubrovnik, the Pearl of the Adriatic, which did not fail to live up to its nickname. Dubrovnik is built on a peninsula that juts out into the Adriatic Sea. I wanted to make an image showing the city surrounded by the sea so I found a spot on a nearby hill with a great view and waited for the sun to go down. This is my favorite composition taken that evening. It was such a beautiful sight to see the city lights come on with the sunset sky in the background.

Twilight DubrovnikDubrovnik Sunset, Dubrovnik, Croatia

In October, I visited Italy and my first stop was Rome. I was staying at a small hotel near St. Peter’s Basilica so it was just a short walk to the Tiber River. This is Ponte Vittorio Emanuele and the dome in the background is St. Peter’s. I like the deep blue twilight sky and the reflections in this image. Rome is such a beautiful city!

Twilight Ponte Vittorio EmanueleTwilight Tiber River, Rome, IT

On my last day in Rome I got up early and went to Piazza Navona before sunrise. I like to shoot illuminated buildings during the blue hour and this was my favorite shot that morning. In the middle of the piazza is the Four Rivers Fountain which was designed by Bernini. Above the fountain is an Egyptian obelisk which was first brought to Rome when Egypt was a province of the Roman Empire. This square was first built as a racetrack during the reign of Emperor Domitian. I like seeing the piazza without any people which would be impossible during daylight hours.

Piazza NavonaPiazza Navona Dawn, Rome, IT

On my trip to Italy, we spent one night in Florence and I got up early to shoot the cathedral at dawn. The area around this beautiful old building is quite congested so I decided to shoot it from one corner. I like this beautiful illuminated building against the deep blue color of the sky in this shot.

Duomo at DawnDuomo Dawn, Florence, IT

Over the past several years I have visited Italy many times, but I had not been to Cinque Terre so this year I decided to go there. Cinque Terre has many hiking trails which provide fantastic views of the towns. This is a view of Vernazza we found while we were hiking on one of these trails. I am always on the lookout for good view points looking down on famous spots so from that point of view Cinque Terre is a great place to photograph.

VernazzaVernazza, Cinque Terre, IT

This is another shot of Vernazza. I got up early and walked out to a vantage point I had scouted out the previous day to shoot the town at dawn. I like the illuminated buildings against this colorful dawn sky. Cinque Terre is so photogenic. Now I understand why it is so popular with photographers.

Vernazza at DawnVernazza Dawn, Cinque Terre, IT

When we had some unusually clear weather in November I made a brief trip down to Portland, OR to shoot some cityscapes. While I have visited Portland before I had not shot the skyline from the opposite side of the Willamette River. I found a great location near OMSI where I made this image. Luckily it was a calm evening and the reflections of the city lights in the river were fantastic. It was such a beautiful sight to see so many different colors reflected on the water’s surface!

Portland SkylineTwilight Skyline, Portland, OR

Wishing you the Best in 2015. I hope our paths may cross!

Rob Tilley

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