2012 Favorite Images

Once again it is that time of year to look back and review all the images I shot over the year.  One thing that stands out is my attraction to architecture this year.  While I still shoot many nature images and some of these are included this year, the vast majority of my favorite images of 2012 include some architectural element.  I continue to be fascinated by human culture and most of these cultural shots include some element of architecture.

Another trend which was also true last year is that most of my favorite images in 2012 were processed as HDR’s.  This is partly related to my focus on architecture.  HDR’s are often the best way to bring out all the detail in architectural shots especially when shooting early or late in the day.  But recently I also use HDR’s for many nature shots as well.  Shooting HDR’s allows me to get shots that just would not be possible using only one exposure.  I always strive to process HDR’s so they look natural, and I consider it a great compliment if the viewer does not realize that an image was processed as an HDR.  Of course there are some situations when one exposure is better than an HDR and in some cases I shoot 3 exposures, but in the end only process one of them.

The images below are in cronological order throughout the year.  It is always difficult for me to choose my favorites so I would be very interested to know what your favorites are.  Any comments about specific images or this set of images would be highly appreciated.

False Creek Reflections

March  –  False Creek Reflection, Vancouver, BC

Boneyard Beach Dawn

April  –  Boneyard Beach Dawn, Editso Island, SC

Cobblestone Street

May  –  Cobblestone Street, Tarragona, Spain

Blue Reflection

May  –  Blue Reflection, City of Art & Sciences, Valencia, Spain

Twilight Reflection

May  –  Twilight Reflection, City of Arts & Sciences, Valencia Spain

Cordoba Fair

May  –  Cordoba Fair, Cordoba, Spain

Cordoba Twilight

May  –  Cordoba Twilight, Cordoba, Spain

Veratrum viride, Anomne patens

July  –  Paradise First Light, Mt. Rainier NP, WA

Autumn Splendor

October  –  Autumn’s Splendor, Japanese Garden, Seattle, WA

Under the Pier

November  –  Under the Pier, La Jolla, CA

Caltech Reflecting Pool

November  –  Caltech Reflecting Pool, Pasadena, CA

City Hall Staircase

November  –  Crazy Staircase, City Hall, Pasadena, CA

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13 Responses to 2012 Favorite Images

  1. Richard Wong says:

    Great travels this year Rob. I recognize a few of these. 🙂

  2. Thanks Richard. I have to thank you for your kind assistance while I was in LA. I noticed that you included a similar shot of the Pasadena City Hall in your 2011 favorites.

  3. Phil Colla says:

    Super work Rob. So many have a pleasing deep blue bias to them. Love the Scripps Pier image, a personal favorite spot of mine. Best wishes for 2013!

  4. John S. Mead says:

    Great use of light in all these images. As someone who has spent time in South Carolina, the Boneyard Beach image is a definite favorite! Did you travel there with Coastal Expeditions?

    I’m in the midst of sharing my top images of 2012 as well — feel free to take a peek at my blog http://www.bluelionphotos.blogspot.com !

    Cheers & Happy New Year’s!

    • Thanks John, I went to Boneyard Beach on my own. My wife and I were in Charleston for a few days and I drove down to check it out in the afternoon and then went back early one morning. It is such an interesting place! I will check out your 2012 favorites. Happy New Year! Rob

  5. dawilson9 says:

    What a great collection, Rob! Thanks for sharing these via Jim Goldstein’s “Best of” list.

  6. Congrats on a great year Rob! Love the Boneyard Beach shot!
    visiting from Best Photos of 2012 by JMG-Galleries Blog Readers

  7. A great year behind the lens Rob. I really like how well you have managed tough lighting situations. Your HDR images are not “over the top” yet provide great accent and detail. Your colors are very vivid. Best of luck in 2013!

  8. A really nice collection Rob – congrats on a very successful 2012! The Spanish architecture is so dynamic and your southern California images are fantastic. All the best in 2013!

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