Best of 2011

EMP Abstract

EMP Abstract

Once again it was dificult to choose my top images for 2011. It was quite a busy year, the highlights being trips to Hawaii, Italy and Japan.

Looking back over my top picks this year I have noticed several trends. Increasingly my eye has been drawn to abstract compostions. I think I find abstracts more interesting.

The second trend is technical. A large percentage of the top images this year were processed as HDR’s. I don’t like grungy HDR’s so I process them to look as natural as possible. But I do like the flexibility of HDR’s which allows me to shoot in lighting situations that it would be next to impossible to shoot a great image with only one exposure.

I continue to be drawn to cultural subject matter. This year I visited Italy twice which accounts for the large number of Italian images in my top picks.

Finally, my eye continues to be drawn to bright, vivid colors. This is not a new trend and most likely will not change in the future.

Tulip Garden Abstract

Tulip Garden Abstract

St. Mark's Square at Dawn

St. Mark’s Square at Dawn

Haleakala Sunrise

Haleakala Sunrise

The Grand Canal at Dawn

The Grand Canal at Dawn

Rainbow Eucalyptus

Rainbow Eucalyptus

St. Patrick's Well

St. Patrick’s Well

Canal Reflections

Canal Reflections


Agave VI

Piazza Duomo at Dusk

Piazza Duomo at Dusk

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32 Responses to Best of 2011

  1. garyhamburgh says:

    Great images Rob. I enjoyed your narrative about your continuing development in your compositions.

  2. Thanks Gary. Happy Holidays!

  3. Steve Sieren says:

    Beautiful series of captures Rob. I also like your style of processing!

  4. Thanks Steve. Happy New Year!

  5. russbishop says:

    Wonderful selection Rob – you clearly had a very good year!

  6. Thanks Russ. I think you had a productive year as well!

  7. Rob, These are all gorgeous photos. I continue to be amazed by your artistry.

  8. Thanks Dori. Happy New Year. We will have to get together sometime soon!

  9. A beautiful set of images, you’ve had a great year!

  10. Thanks Anne, I enjoy reading about your adventures on your blog. Wishing you good travels in 2012.

  11. Richard Wong says:

    Beautiful work, Rob. I really like that well photo in particular.

  12. Thanks Richard! Happy New Year.

  13. Rob:

    What an incredibly beautiful collection of images. Top notch stuff. Best wishes for a 2012!

  14. Alex says:

    Absolutely outstanding, truly inspirational images. It’s an extremely difficult decision, but “Canal Reflections” is my favorite!

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  16. Rob, these are super, I am especially impressed with your Venice images. You sure had a good year in 2011. Cheer for 2012!

  17. Awesome photos. Do you have G+ so I can follow you?

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  20. Rob,

    Awesome collection of photos.

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  22. inguan says:

    Some rely good shoots, was a good photo year (=

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  24. Ryann says:

    Really, really nice photos Rob – I particularly enjoyed Haleakala Sunrise.

    Btw, for some photos I found the large central watermark distracted from the image, e.g. St Patrick’s Well and the Grand Canal photos. I appreciate that you want to protect your work, but a slightly smaller watermark in a corner would be less intrusive. Just my unqualified opinion!

    • Hi Ryann,

      Thank you for your comment. I agree that images look better without watermarks, but unfortuately there are many people on the internet steeling images. I will think about ways to make the watermark less distracting. Of course if you are interested in purchasing an image, I would be more than willing to send a low res image without a watermark by email.

      Best Regards,

      Rob Tilley

  25. I agree with what Gary said, your photos are top notch. I’m still developing as a photographer myself, but I’ve been around it all my life. I’m the son of pioneer landscape photographer Philip Hyde, a student and teaching associate of Ansel Adams and Edward Weston. This may not mean that much to you or to anyone else, but I have spent a lot of time picking some of the world’s best images for various purposes and I can say that you have a wonderful mix here of the type of work that I like. I love Italy, but have never made it to Venice. So, I’ve enjoyed those, especially Canal Reflections. I also like the Agave image even more than some of the others.

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