Bellevue Festival of the Arts

I will have a booth to display my photography at Bellevue Festival of the Arts.  If you enjoy art and you will be in the Seattle area this weekend, you should not miss the largest gathering of artists in the Pacific Northwest. My booth will be in the parking lot at Bellevue Way and NE 8th St. near the Bergman luggage store.  See details below:
Event:                         Bellevue Festival of the Arts
Dates and Times:     Friday, July 29, 10am – 8pm
                                      Saturday July 30, 10am -8pm 
                                      Sunday, July 31, 10am – 6pm
Event Website:
Artist Website:
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4 Responses to Bellevue Festival of the Arts

  1. Good luck Rob. I’ve been encouraged to exhibit at that show but never wanted to make the trek there. Hope ti goes well for you. Let us know.

  2. Thanks Youssef, This will be my 3rd year to participate in one of the Bellevue shows. The booth fee is a bit expensive, but it is in my backyard so I think it is worthwhile for me. There is always a huge crowd, but I hear that people aren’t buying the way they were 5-10 years ago. If you decide to participate in the future, you are welcome to stay in our house which is less than
    10 minutes from the show.

  3. roteague says:

    Best to you Rob, I hope your sales skyrocket!!

    I used to have a friend on the east coast who made his living doing shows; those shows are tough to do.

  4. Thanks Robert! Given the state of the economy, I do not expect sales to be that great, but you never know.

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