Kabukicho Neon

Parklane Gallery will feature Rob Tilley’s photography,

City Lights – Ancient Traditions, during the month of February, 2011.

While I was living in Tokyo I became fascinated by the juxtaposition of modern everyday Tokyo with the traditional Japanese culture often seen at festivals, temples and shrines.  I chose images for this exhibit which represent this juxtaposition.  Tokyo nightlife with its myriad neon signs and continuous motion is modern in every sense of the word.  But one can also experience the ancient traditions of Japan by visiting a Shinto shrine or a traditional garden.  I tried to include images in this exhibit which capture the spirit of Japanese culture, both modern and traditional.

If you are in Kirkland, WA in February, please stop by.

Show:           City Lights – Ancient Traditions
Location:     Parklane Gallery, 130 Park Lane, Kirkland, WA 98033, Tel. 425-827-1462
Dates:          Feb. 9 – March 6, 11am – 6pm
Reception:  Thurdsday, Feb. 10, 6 – 8pm

Bamboo Garden

Shinjuku Neon

 Shinto Priest

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3 Responses to CITY LIGHTS – ANCIENT TRADITONS at Parklane Gallery

  1. Russ Bishop says:

    Congrats on the showing Rob – this is a great selection of images.

  2. Sekai says:

    Those light images are stunning. Absolutely amazing. I love that you can clearly see the Don Quixote sign.

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