Colors of Nature

Most photographers are collectors and I am no exception to the rule.  For many years now I have been collecting images of nature with one dominant color.  The above photo of an aspen grove near Steamboat Springs, CO is a good example.  This scene immediately drew my eye because the groundcover is almost the same color as the aspen leaves even though they are totally different plants.  The aspen grove itself is actually all the same plant.  All the trees in the grove are connected by roots underground and have the exact same DNA.  This explains why all the trees in an aspen grove usually turn color at the same time.  Unfortunately this can also be a liabiliity.  If one tree becomes infected by disease the whole grove is affected.  Recenlty many aspen groves in the Rocky Mountains have become infected by a deadly fungus.  Let’s hope the aspens fare better than chestnut trees did in the 20th century.
The above image is one of 26 prints in my Colors of Nature exhibit which will be on display at the Silver Pavilion of Evergreen Hospital in Kirkland, WA.  If you have an opportunity to visit Kirkland, I hope you can stop by to see my exhibit details below:
Show Title:    Colors of Nature
Medium:        Color Photography
Location:       Evergreen Hospital Silver Pavilion, 2nd Floor
Address:        12039 Northeast 128th Street, Kirkland, WA
Dates:            Feb. 2 – May 3, 20010
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