Black and White in Color

This week marks the begining of winter so I decided to post a wintry image.  During the coldest season I am always looking for interesting images of snow and ice.  Since both snow and ice are virtually devoid of color one might assume that this is not the best season to shoot color images.  However, some of my favorite images are "Black and White in Color".  The above image is a good example.  The subject itself has virtually no color, but it was shot as a color image and processed as a color image.  Of course the lack of color allows one to focus on the texture and forms in the image, but being a color image it is also possible to see very subtle hints of color.  I think this gives an added dimension to the image.
When shooting snow and ice I have found that it is best to shoot on very cold days after a recent snowfall.  Snow is always at its best after a recent accumulation and if the weather is too warm the snow starts to melt and looses some of its beauty.  This image was taken on a cold day in February in Yellowstone National Park.  It was a fairly bright day and the play of the shadows on the snow formations allows one to see all the subtle texture and forms of the snow.  The low angle of the sun enhanced these shadows.  I used a telephoto lens to focus of a very small segment of Soda Butte Creek.  Focusing in on the shapes and forms of the snow gives this image an abstract quality which forces the viewer to look more deeply.  It is always good to make people think about your images.
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