My Image as Windows 7 Wallpaper

Several months ago I got the good news that Microsoft purchased this image as wallpaper for Windows 7.  Their contract required me to keep quiet about this until Windows 7 was launched.  That is why I waited until today to make this announcement.
Of course Microsoft did not advise me why they decided to use this particular image, but I have my ideas.  I am always searching for interesting monochrome images.  A monochrome image is similar to black and white in that lack of any color contrasts allows the eye to focus on the composition, lines and form of the image.  It also allows one to see very subtle differeces in tone.  In addition, this image is green which is currently in fashion because it is eco-friendly.  Also I think this image is a good background because it does not compete with any other imgaes that might be open at the same time.
This is a photo of corn lily or false hellebore taken at Mt. Rainier NP.  This image was taken early in the season soon after the leaves came out.  When taking close ups of plantlife, I think it is important to find a perfect specimen.  It is always easier to find those perfect leaves with no holes or damage early in the season.  This particular year the snows were very heavy and the abundance of snowmelt resulted in extremely lush vegetation.
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One Response to My Image as Windows 7 Wallpaper

  1. Erika says:

    what is the name of this plant ? please,, or do you know some other plant from the desert with similar characteristics,,? thanks

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