Nature’s Best

The winter 2006 edition of Nature’s Best Photography magazine published their Best of the Best.  They choose 10 images from the last 10 years of their annual photo contests.  One of my images, Ohga Lotus, was chosen for 2002 and appears on page 56.  The same image was also published in Nature’s Best 2006 calendar for the month of April.  You can see my Ohga Lotus imatge below.
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2 Responses to Nature’s Best

  1. aMarAnth- says:

    I like your pictures very much and want to use my free time to work on photography when I am free from my job as IT Director. I have taken tons of pics but would like a better camera. I was wondering what type of camera do you use and what would be a good camera for a novice.

  2. Bev says:


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